More silo art for Tungamah

By Country News

The Tungamah silo is set to get another face lift.

Artist Sobrane completed the first instalment in February last year and was asked to come back by the owner of the silos, the Cooper family, along with the Tungamah Kickstart Group. "One thing that differs with Sobrane as an artist is that she doesn’t mark out her images before painting, it’s all freehand,” Will Cooper said.

Sobrane will be adding to paintings she worked on last time, which took her a total of five days to complete.

The community hopes to see more nature painted, including billy button flowers and king parrots.

“I'll be expanding on the kookaburra silo, adding wildlife and gum foliage,” Sobrane said.

“I asked on the Tungamah Community Notice Board what the people wanted to see on the silo, which I thought was nice way to get the community involved.”

Community members can come after 10am to watch Sobrane paint on Friday, September 27 (AFL grand final public holiday).

There will be a fundraiser on the day, including a sausage sizzle and coffee stand.

Sobrane said she was totally up for yacks with the community on her breaks.

“I'm really stoked to be asked to come back, there’s a lot more potential to add colour to the silo. It will take three to four days to complete.”

Sobrane has an exhibition in Bendigo on October 24. The exhibition will showcase her birdlife paintings, posing the question, "What if all we had left were portraits of birds?".

Sobrane has a permanent gallery in Broome, where visitors often mention having seen her artwork on the Tungamah silos.