Campaspe Shire waste turned into farm compost

By Country News

Australian-owned company Biomix has been composting Campaspe Shire residents’ food scraps to fertilise farms.

Campaspe Shire Mayor Adrian Weston said food and garden waste had been delivered to Biomix in Stanhope.

“This is an enormous win for our environment with more than 700 tonnes of food waste expected to be diverted from landfill every year,” Cr Weston said.

Campaspe Shire residents now put food scraps into their green bin along with normal garden waste.

All leftover food, cooked or raw, can be added to the green bin.

Biomix compost is an organic, mature compost that has been processed for a minimum of 12 weeks for use on parks, gardens and farmland.

The compost can improve soil health, reduce water use, increase plant yield and can also be used in home gardens.

Biomix is certified to meet Australian Standard (AS4454) for composts and works under an Environment Protection Authority licence to minimise its environmental footprint.

The company also provides sponsorship to the Stanhope Football Club and local schools.

Cr Weston said it was important to keep all plastic and biodegradable bags out of the green bin.

“Only Australian standard compostable bags with the AS4736 symbol can be used as they are made with a natural corn starch base and vegetable oils which break down once in a composting environment,” he said.

Campaspe Shire residents can order a green bin online through council’s website or call council’s customer service centre on 1300 666 535.