Kotta shed fire destroys hundreds of hay bales

By Ivy Jensen

FIREFIGHTERS are battling a volatile hayshed fire 25km from Echuca.

CFA crews from Kotta, Bamawm Extension and Lockington were called to the blaze at a property on the corner of Johnson Rd and Lowrie Rd in Kotta about 9.40am.

Bamawm Extension Lieutenant Nicole Calleja said 15 firefighters arrived at the property to find the hayshed fully involved.

"There are roughly about 120 hay bales on fire," she said.

"It could be due to spontaneous combustion because they look a bit green."

Lieut Calleja said the fire had been contained so there was no risk of it spreading.

"It is pretty isolated where it is and there are only a few trees and a lot of clearing," she said.

However, because the shed was quite unstable, an excavator could not be used to remove the bales as it was too risky, Lieut Calleja said.

"It's a bit of a waiting game so we may be here all day and night," she said.

"We're just letting them burn for now.

"There is a water tank next to the shed which we are trying to save for the owner, so we're trying to keep that as cold as possible.

"We're still assessing the situation because it's so hot and unstable so we're making sure everything is done properly and safely."

Drivers are being urged to avoid the area where possible.