Summer flows criticism

By Geoff Adams

My congratulations to David Woodhouse (Country News, January 7) for calling out the confusing aspects of the letter from John Pettigrew (December 24).

However, unlike Dr Woodhouse, most of the time I don't agree with Mr Pettigrew.

I had drafted a reply but didn't get around to sending it at the time.

My principal concern was based on the apparent hypocrisy of Mr Pettigrew's recent letter compared to one he wrote 18 months ago (Country News, April 10, 2018).

In that 2018 letter, Mr Pettigrew lamented the absence of the Goulburn River's "renowned sandbars" due to high summer flows. In his current letter Mr Pettigrew seems to now fully support the high summer environment flows that would bury those same sandbars.

Dr Woodhouse's points are well made. In a drought there would be no water available for wetlands if not for the manmade dams, and it is certainly not normal for forests to be flooded every year or even every second year.

Glenn Thomson