Lobbying vets get their wish

By Geoff Adams

Australian vets have been reassured the Federal Government acknowledges they are an essential service.

The Australian Veterinary Association has been lobbying governments to have their status confirmed.

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has told the association the the Federal Government considers the role of veterinarians essential to the agricultural sector and therefore to the nation’s food security but also in protecting companion animals and the nation’s wildlife.

The Federal Government has not put any restrictions on veterinarians other than the practice of social distancing and hygiene practices during the COVID-19 crisis.

“While confusion has arisen due to the closing of some state borders, those state governments have assured us that veterinarians are able to continue to operate across borders,’’ Mr Littleproud said.

Association president Julia Crawford said vets were grateful to Mr Littleproud and the Federal Government for this show of support, and would continue to work with the government to ensure the best outcomes for both human and animal health and welfare throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response.