Early works begin on Arcadia fish hatchery

By Rodney Woods

Construction of the fish hatchery at Arcadia is expected to start in November, with fish being produced on-site by September 2021.

Newly appointed Victorian Fishing and Boating Minister Melissa Horne said the early stages of development had begun.

“We’ve been busy preparing the site for the next stage, by improving on-site buildings, installing fencing, security and signage, and filling dams in readiness for the next stages of the development,” she said.

Ms Horne said the $7 million project was still on track, despite COVID-19 restrictions impacting the government's ability to engage the local community through information sessions at the hatchery site near Shepparton.

“Our plans for the new native fish hatchery at Arcadia are on track and we're delighted with our purchase of a 170 hectare property along the Goulburn River.”

Despite this, the government admitted that to keep to the timelines, it would require the early release of capital funding from the Treasury department before going out to tender construction works.

Construction is expected be completed by June next year.