New Massey Ferguson mowers have user in mind

By Rodney Woods

Massey Ferguson has introduced the DM TL-V series of vertical lift, linkage mounted disc mowers to the extensive range of hay tools already on offer across the Australian market.

“This range of mowers are designed with the user in mind,” Massey Ferguson product manager John Russell said.

“For example, they fold vertically over centre to become a compact and balanced unit for transport.

“Other design features include a hydro-pneumatic suspension system which, combined with a central support mount, provides excellent flotation and suspension.”

The range of DM TL-V mowers come fitted with a Safety-Swing system that protects the mower against impact from large objects.

The new low profile cutter bar allows the mower to cut very low while maintaining a shallow angle of attack to produce a cleaner cut surface and the spur gear drive cutter bar produces quieter and more efficient mowing.

Vertical folding

Mr Russell said the DM TL-V mowers folded vertically for transporting within the machine's centre of gravity and provided excellent weight distribution of the tractor/mower combination.

“With compact transport dimensions of less than 3 m wide and a transport height of lower than 4 m these machines are ideally suited where road transport is a regular requirement.”

Spur gear drive

The all-new cutter bar in the DM TL-V mowers features a spur gear drive system which produces less noise and friction for quieter more efficient operation and a longer lifetime.

“The gears have a large diameter and a fine ground spur so that they maintain perfect synchronisation through a constant three-tooth contact,” Mr Russell said.

“The cutter bar is driven from the first disc to the end through gear-to-gear contact so there is no change in the direction of drive within the cutter bar, only direction of rotation.

“This produces a very simple and efficient drive line and allows for a compact and low profile cutter bar.”

For more information, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer.