Farmers stock up on quad bikes before major manufacturers pull out of market

By Rodney Woods

Panic buying has reached a new extreme with farmers stocking up on quad bikes, but the coronavirus cannot be blamed this time.

With many manufacturers of ATVs pulling out of the Australian market from October next year due to government regulations forcing all ATVs to have roll-over protection from that date, farmers are making sure they do not miss out.

“People have been panic buying them,” WBR Motorcycles (Echuca Yamaha) owner Nathan Whitten said.

“It's not the coronavirus but more the regulations that are coming in next year.”

Mr Whitten said the past two months had been been the busiest for the company as well as for Yamaha nationally.

“We've had the busiest two months we've ever had,” he said.

“May was our busiest and June topped it.

“June was the busiest month for Yamaha Australia overall for all motorcycle sales.”

Shepparton CFMOTO dealer principal Richard Renato said the Federal Government's instant asset write-off scheme was a big incentive as has been the weather.

“The market has swung because of these factors,” Mr Renato said.

“To be honest, (the swing has been going on) since the (first) coronavirus lockdowns were announced.

“I don't know if it's coincidental or not.

“The conditions (have helped).

“We've had rain and that's like turning the money tap on for farmers.”