Fact sheet for farmers on quad bike safety standard

By Jamie Salter

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has produced a fact sheet to answer farmers’ questions on the new quad bike safety standard.

The fact sheet is in response to concerns quad bike manufacturers will cease supply of utility quad bikes to Australia once the quad bike safety standard becomes mandatory.

The ACCC Agriculture Unit said it took concerns on future quad bike supply seriously and recognised quad bikes were a vital piece of machinery for farming.

It also acknowledged that quad bikes were very dangerous due to design limitations and said a single mistake could have tragic consequences.

After a two-year investigation, the ACCC concluded the main risk to farmers and consumers was due to quad bike roll-over and lack of rider protection, which can result in farmers receiving serious crush injuries and dying from asphyxiation when the quad bike pins drivers underneath.

The fact sheet contains information about the ACCC investigation, the frequency of deaths and injuries associated with quad bikes, the quad bike safety standard, OPDs and other safety measures.

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