Ken and Biddy

By Alana Christensen

After picking up his much-loved three-year-old red kelpie Biddy from a sheep station in Griffith, retired farmer Ken Cox is rarely without her. Whether at his Shepparton property or heading into town, Biddy is always by his side.

What is your dog's name, and how old is she?

Her name is Biddy, she's three years old and she's a red kelpie.

What's Biddy's personality like?

She's a very smart dog, very intelligent. She knows to bark to get your attention but she's a friendly dog.

Is she well behaved or is she a bit cheeky?

She's pretty well behaved most of the time.

What's she like as a worker?

She's retired now. She does chase things though. You'll find her running around and chasing rabbits, but she doesn't do much work these days.

Does she like going for a drive or are there any places she loves?

She loves going on the bike and loves the back seat of the ute, that's her spot. She just jumps right up there and makes herself at home. She'll come for a drive sometimes and just hang out in the back seat of the ute.

Do you have any other dogs?

I've always had dogs, I used to have a beef property up at Kaarimba but I'm retired now, but I've had a few in my day. Biddy came from a sheep station up in Griffith, so I got her back down here and I've had her ever since.

Does she like any special food or treats?

She's very spoilt and loves a biscuit.

What would you do without her?

I'd be a bit lost. They become part of your family.

Words and pictures: Alana Christensen