Green waste returns to community as compost thanks to Carag Carag business

By Rodney Woods

Compost business biomix has benefited from Campaspe Shire Council’s green bin service, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

In the first year, 70 per cent of households have jumped on board to dispose food scraps and garden waste more appropriately.

Before the service was introduced, food and garden organics made up half of Campaspe Shire's waste that was going to landfill and reducing this was the driving factor behind the change, according to Campaspe Shire Council community general manager Keith Oberin.

“Food and garden waste in landfill creates methane, which is 25 times more damaging to our environment than carbon dioxide,” Mr Oberin said.

“Rather than ending up in landfill, this valuable resource is now being delivered to ... biomix, where it is turned into nutritious compost and reused on local gardens, parks and farms.”

biomix chief executive officer Vanessa Lenihan said farmers made up 75 per cent of their clientele and more were starting to see the benefits on-farm.

“It's wonderful to receive the food and organic waste and return it as compost back into the community, so it's that closed loop,” she said.

“We're seeing a big increase in compost as farmers use a hybrid of compost and fertilisers.

“The farming community are regularly looking to improve soil health and realise that compost can improve soil health.

“It (also) reduces water consumption by 25 per cent, improves soil structure, results in greater crop yield, returns nutrient value to the soil and improves microbiology in the soil."

biomix is at Carag Carag, near Stanhope.