Tilt tags displayed on quad bikes

By Jamie Salter

Tilt tags and operator protection devices have been fitted to all CFMoto quad bikes to meet new mandatory safety standards.

From Sunday, October 11, all new quad bikes are required to display a tag with the minimum angle at which the quad bike can be tipped sideways.

Shepparton's CFMoto dealer Richard Renato said customers were asking questions but the changes had not affected sales.

“Most customers were aware that this is what we were faced with and they're more thankful that we're still moving forward with them,” he said.

A tag attached to a CFmoto quad bike displays the angle the quad bike tipped sideways when it was tested by the manufacturer.

CFMoto Shepparton has already met the additional requirements for October 2021, by which time all general use quad bikes must be fitted with an operator protection device (OPD) to prevent the rider from being crushed in the event of a rollover.

Mr Renato said the quad bikes came factory fitted with the tilt tags and OPDs from the distributor, Mojo Motorcycles.

“It started in July; the Quadbar is packaged with the bike and we fit them pre-delivery,” he said.

“It's a big thing for the company, they've seen this coming and have reacted early which is fortunate for us.

“We're confident we will have bikes consistently coming through, the demand for the quad bike is still there because it does serve a purpose for some farmers.”