Letter to the editor: South Australia profits at Murray’s expense

By Geoff Adams

By Alastair Starritt, Womboota, NSW

It seems that injecting millions of dollars into South Australia is a rite of a passage for incoming federal water ministers.

In 2018, not long after becoming water minister, David Littleproud made his way to the great state with a $70 million cash splash.

Similarly, Minister Pitt has followed suit with a $22 million cash handout to the state with the fullest fresh water storages in the country within two weeks of taking possession of the poisoned chalice.

Is it any wonder upstream states are calling for a royal commission?

South Australia has reaped the benefits of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan at the expense of food security and communities upstream, while at the same time destroying the Murray River and its environment along the way.

South Australia has numerous new irrigation developments and river pumpers are allowed to pump water out of the river without water in their account; they can go into debit and settle it at the end of the month.

What other state is allowed such luxuries?