Competition heats up for Farmers wanting a wife

By Geoff Adams

The 20 girls lining up for Farmer Wants a Wife were faced with the realisation that it is a competition, in the third instalment of the new series.

And just like a horse race, there was a bit of jostling, nipping and positioning as the competitors could sense the battle ahead.

The entire crew was transported to Queensland for a get-together, the girls giggling and laughing and the five blokes standing around an Esky having a few uncomfortable man-hugs and vigorous handshakes something akin to the Mark Latham and John Howard shake.

And if it wasn’t already obvious from the design of the show, the girls were realising that someone else could take home their man.

Like Jess, who just about spat the dummy when told her favourite had been kissing someone else. Shock!

Cracks have appeared in the polite laughter, with the best bit of drama in the classic walk-out.

And it was all Harry’s fault.

You see, Maddison and Harry got on really well on their special day together and then the rest of the girls turned up on the farm, and then Maddison couldn’t handle the others being there and then she walked out of the house and then she turned up at the hotel for the dinner and then Harry took her back and the two girls got upset at this and had another walk-out, and then ... and then ... you get the picture.

Anyway, by the end of the night at the heritage-listed Babinda Hotel, the five farmers had selected their partners for a special date, including hapless, hairy Harry, who chose (shock/surprise) Stacey, one of the girls who threatened a second walk-out.

I bet you’re wondering what Maddison thought about that ... you know, Maddison ... the one who ... oh, forget it.