‘Wives’ rebel against herd approach

By Geoff Adams

By Jacko, son of Col Curmudgeon

The sisterhood is taking charge in a neat twist on a show which has 20 women chasing the affections of five men, in Farmer Wants a Wife.

The show calls for a large group of women to compete for the love of just a handful of men.

Sort of like country music singer Lee Kernaghan put it in Monday night’s show: “Finding a wife is like rounding up cattle; first you have to pen them, cut them out and then leg rope them.”

That’s how Farmer Wants a Wife is supposed to go. The men have to gradually sort through the field and then cut the ones that don’t make it.

But the men have demonstrated a great reluctance (or is it just fear) to make the bold decisions and send someone home.

Well, already two of the girls have gotten impatient and left of their own accord; and one left, just to come back later, to mix things up a bit. (Maddison might be regretting that already.)

Kirsten, who had less screen time with Sam than Donald Trump has had original thoughts, took the initiative on Monday night and bailed and Sam offered a less than sincrere wish for “all the best of luck”.

Riley (who?) must be second ranked for being invisible on the show, so she’s gotta feel under threat.

One of the features of Farmer, much lauded in the popular press, is the lack of scheming, strategising and plotting, which is a feature of the Love Nest Island or Bachelor Island type shows.

But I’ve got to say, with the number of professions represented on Farmer — including a wellness coach, a management consultant and a training manager — there doesn’t appear to be too much forward thinking.

Some surprising quotes from Monday night:

“I am not here to be hurt.”

“Before I met you I was really heartbroken.”

“I definitely feel the other girls were not happy that I am getting the date.”

“I don’t want to see someone fall in love in front of me.”

And ...

“I hope I know they can trust me as I have trusted them,” Neil remarked, while bracing himself to tell two of them he is not interested.