The Boss's Dog

Despots and dogs

By The General

It's been a big week for The Donald, despots...and dogs.

After spending 38 minutes with Little Rocket Man, The Donald proclaimed him to be a remarkable human being and that they had established a special bond together.

You can bond like this with someone who loves a dog.

And Kim Jong-un really does. A few years ago, he urged all of his people to eat dog food - this came from the New York Daily News:

He never said whether he enjoys Superfood himself but he probably does. And any leader who urges his subjects to eat my daily tucker can't be all bad.

The Boss disagrees, of course. He says Little Rocket Man has his troublesome relatives assassinated and runs a brutal gulag where he locks up people who think the wrong way, say things he doesn't approve of and who generally annoy him.  And he reckons a lot of evil leaders have been terrible to people - but kind to their dogs.

Hitler had a German Shepherd called Blondi. Here she is sniffing the crotch of a distinguished visitor - I like to unsettle people this way myself:

And The boss points out that Hitler - in his last hours in the bunker - tried out the cyanide pills on Blondi to make sure they worked. They did. He was so distraught then that he took some himself.

If it ever comes to that, I hope The Boss has the decency to take his first and let me take my chances.

Another grubby despot who liked his dogs was Joseph Stalin, who killed a lot more more people than Hitler:

Stalin even lent his name to the Russian terrier bred during his vile reign of terror, a mix of the giant schnauzer, Airdale Terrier, Rottweiler and a Newfoundland Retriever. It has become know as "Stalin's Dog" - The Donald's best mate, President Putin, gave one of them to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela back in 2012 - and we all know what happened to Venezuela after that. Now, we Chessies also descend from the Newfoundland Retriever, but that's where the similarity ends - don't you think?

This woolly little critter doesn't look like he'd be much use on a duck swamp, does he now?

One great despot who killed even more people than Hitler and Stalin put together was Mao Tse Tung - but he didn't like dogs at all. In fact, during the Cultural Revolution he denounced dog ownership as a decadent habit of the West. Maybe that's when the Chinese started eating them - an unsavoury subject I have mentioned before. 

Anyway, The Boss says the fact that someone loves a dog says nothing much about their capacity for evil. Which leaves me wondering about The Boss himself. Woof!