The Boss's Dog

Bones by drones is the go!

By The General

I’ve been giving these drones a bit of thought, lately.

Ever since I overheard The Boss having a laugh about the Queensland feller stuck on that cruise ship in Japan.

Dave and Jan Binskin from Palm Beach were aboard the Diamond Princess when it was quarantined in Yokohama harbour, along with 3700 others.

They had been shut in their cabin and getting bored for a few days when their wine club called up Dave’s mobile with an offer - The Boss reckons wine clubs will do that every month or two.

Dave told the Naked Wines people he and Jan were stuck on the ship over in Japan and Naked Wines offered to deliver a couple of cases to them – by drone!

Here’s Dave looking pretty chipper after the first box was delivered – apparently it confused the coast guard and the ship’s officers but at least they didn’t shoot it down.

The Boss says this is what he likes about the Australian sense of humour and willingness to improvise when the going gets tough.

But what I need to point out to him is that it’s a dog thing and Dave probably learned it from his faithful hound.

I mean, dogs don’t hang around whingeing and complaining when things go wrong, do they?

They don’t sit around thinking about the good old days and wishing they could go back there.

And they don’t give a second’s thought to what could have been and how it might have been – they just get on with it.

This is what dogs did when humans came along. They realised pretty quickly they could have a mutually beneficial relationship – they could help the humans hunt with better noses and four fast legs, while the humans might watch out for them and throw them a bone or two between hunts.

Let me say, it has been a beautiful thing.

And, unlike many humans, we dogs keep adapting to changing circumstances – accepting what has changed and figuring out how to make the best of it.

Which brings me back to drones. The Boss doesn’t really care for them – he thinks they sound pesky and intrude on his privacy. He’s a slow adapter, right?

But I can see several useful applications directly pertinent to me and my well-being.

See, I can get hungry at just about anytime, day or night, without warning.

As much as I like The Boss and The Missus, they are not always about when I need them, or inclined to attend to my needs at the precise moment I require it.

A drone would get me around this problem. In the same way Dave had his wine delivered, I could have bones, cuts of meat and other delicacies delivered to me, in my kennel, more or less on command.

Let’s face it, if Dave can get his wine delivered to a quarantined boat in Yokohama harbour, I can get a generous cut of brisket, say, or half-a-dozen turkey necks… delivered to me here, on the river, a few minutes flying time out of Shepparton.

Any local providores or butchers offering this drone delivery service might quietly let me know at Woof!