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Deniliquin water tower gets a facelift

By Country News

Artist Cam Scale has started to create the Scott’s Park water tower mural, and has already impressed Deniliquin residents with the progress.

Two kookaburras facing Whitelock St appeared in a matter of hours and were quickly amassing colour over the weekend of July 6 and 7, and continuing last week.

The 35-year-old mural painter and fine artist from Melbourne said his concept focused on nature, which was a design brief from Edward River Council.

Facing the newly rejuvenated Scott’s Park adventure playground, the tower’s surroundings also played a role in the concept for the other side of the mural which will showcase a country night sky.

‘‘I wanted to capture the fun of life as kids in the country, being around the camp fire with friends. I wanted to bring the night sky into view emphasising how clear it is to see the stars out there,’’ Mr Scale said.

‘‘This idea of space also connects to the rocket in the playground where kids can imagine themselves as space travellers. I tried to stay away from the cliche kids climbing trees, and bring a more interesting composition.

‘‘As the sky curves around the tower, the dark colours blend into lighter greens and yellows suggesting morning has come with a kookaburra in a gum tree perched ready for the day.

‘‘I chose the kookaburra so I could express the spectacular detail in its feathers, the flecks of turquoise and white are beautiful, and there are a lot of interesting textures and patterns which will look stunning when painted.

‘‘I will use mostly house paint and spray paint and it will take about 10 days to two weeks to complete ... hopefully.’’

Acclaimed street artist Matt Adnate was the first artist chosen to paint the mural but when he had to pull out of the project, Mr Scale was able to take on the task.

‘‘I have done about a dozen large-scale works. I enjoy it because it is outdoors and always a challenge especially with the different things you have to contend with,’’ he said.

‘‘The project was put forward to me through Juddy Roller and I thought it would be a fun thing to paint.

‘‘I have been doing large-scale mural art for the last five to six years, but painting and drawing for the last 15 years.’’

Mr Scale said while he had his work cut out for him, he hoped to explore the town before returning to the Gold Coast, to where he recently relocated.

‘‘The town has been really welcoming and I am excited to do the work. I enjoy it and look forward to meeting people.’’

The Scott’s Park water tower stands at 22.8m in height and 12.8m in diameter.