Murray Irrigation farmers to have early access to water

By Rodney Woods

Shareholding farmers within Murray Irrigation’s footprint now have access to water they otherwise would not receive so early in the irrigation season, thanks to two water products Murray Irrigation has released.

“Murray Irrigation knows that its farmers are doing it tough — heading into the second year of zero allocation of water and drought is devastating for our shareholders, their families and all but decimating some local businesses,” Murray Irrigation chief executive officer Phil Endley said.

“We always look for ways to leverage our bulk water licence and offer relief to local farmers, however, it’s even more crucial in times of drought.

"We’re pleased to be able to offer real solutions to eligible shareholders under our Allocation Advance and Sustainability Product."

Mr Endley said combined, these water products would help provide some level of certainty for farmers early in the irrigation season, especially off the back of yet another zero allocation.

Murray Irrigation’s Allocation Advance gives eligible shareholders up to five per cent of their water allocation early in the season, regardless of state-mandated water allocations.

While the Sustainability Product allows Murray Irrigation to sell a certain amount of water at a reduced rate to its eligible farmers.

“This is the first time we’ve offered the Allocation Advance and while new, the feedback we’ve had has been overwhelmingly positive," Mr Endley said.

"We’re told that the early allocation of water allows farmers to make important business decisions about their approach to the season.

“The Sustainability Product, which is in its second year, has also been welcomed, with farmers telling us that the opportunity to purchase water at a reduced rate not only saves them money, it increases their certainty for the irrigation season while helping Murray Irrigation to cover costs associated with dry conditions."