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Tuohey appointed to drought support

By Geoff Adams

Terrick Terrick farmer and former VFF president, Peter Tuohey has been appointed to a position to advise the Victorian Government on drought and rural issues.

Mr Tuohey said he sees his new role as engaging with farmers to see if the drought support packages are working and to give feedback on anything that might need addressing.

He said he has also been asked to provide advice on longer term drought support strategies.

Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development Jaclyn Symes said Mr Tuohey would take up the role to provide insight on the challenges and opportunities facing regional and rural communities.

Responding to ongoing drought and dry seasonal conditions, challenges within parts of the dairy industry and opportunities to boost Victoria’s agriculture output will be a key focus while Mr Tuohey engages with communities and workers across the sector.

The Commissioner will also focus on the roll-out of the Labor Government’s recently announced $31 million drought support package, and the impacts and needs of the dairy industry transition in Northern Victoria.

Mr Tuohey will engage with farmers and rural communities to identify any immediate and emerging issues coming out of difficult seasonal conditions and industry transition, as well as informing what assistance might be needed in the future.

Ms Symes said Mr Tuohey’s track record with the agriculture sector spoke for itself: "He will be a huge asset in making sure rural communities have the support they need.”

Mr Tuohey is chair of the Melbourne Market Authority and sits on the Victorian Ports Corporation.