VEWH releases watering plan for 2020-21

By Rodney Woods

Many of Victoria's waterways are set to receive environmental water deliveries over the next year, as the Victorian Environmental Water Holder launches its Seasonal Watering Plan 2020-2021.

The watering plan sets out where and when water for the environment is planned to be delivered to rivers and wetlands across Victoria under different climate scenarios — including drought, dry, average and wet.

Environmental water entitlements are subject to the same seasonal allocations as equivalent entitlements held by other water users.

In releasing the seasonal watering plan, VEWH co-chief executive officer Beth Ashworth said despite recent rainfall easing dry conditions, environmental watering was still critical to protect waterway health.

“Planning for all climate scenarios allows us to quickly respond to emerging conditions to get the best environmental outcomes we can, no matter what,” Ms Ashworth said.

This year's plan also delivers on changes to the Water Act 1989 which, for the first time in Victoria, enshrined in law consideration of recreational and Aboriginal values in all water management.

The VEWH's Seasonal Watering Plan 2020-21 can be found: https://www.vewh.vic.gov.au/watering-program/seasonal-watering-plan/swp-2020-flipbook/seasonal-watering-plan-2020-flipbook