Weather Wize

Heatwave conditions last weekend

By Peter Nelson

Many places in our region have been in a grip of heatwave conditions with maximum temperatures exceeding 40 degrees on 3 successive days to last weekend.

At the same time unsettled, stormy conditions have affected mainly the northern regions of WA. Marble Bar has received 262 mms so far this month and this is already the 4th wettest January there in 122 years of records.

The wetter Januaries were in 1917, 1942 and 2014. Derby east of Broome has had 417 mms to date and the only wetter Januaries were in 1931 and 1997. The unsettled conditions do look set to continue in WA up to the end of January.

But the heatwave conditions will ease this week in our regions for a few days as a humid air mass extends from WA accompanied by widespread high and middle level cloud invades our region. There will be isolated thunderstorms but rainfalls will be light and insufficient to break the dry spell of the first three weeks of this month.

Deniliquin with maximum temperatures exceeding 43 degrees on 3 successive days had it's hottest 3 day spell since 2014. Wangaratta and nearby centres also had their hottest three day spell for January since 2014.

Heavy rain did fall a week or so after the January 2014 heatwave in NE Victoria, but another 4 day heatwave occurred at the end of January and early February 2014.

As Marble Bar is having it's wettest January since 2014 there is a good chance that our region will get welcome rainfall at the end of this month after a very hot next weekend.