Hottest April on record for Wangaratta

By Peter Nelson

It will be the hottest ever April in Wangaratta in 115 years of records. The mean maximum to 22nd April stands at 27.1 degrees and this is nearly a degree higher than the existing April record of 26.2 in 1923.

There will be more warm dry days during the final week of this month. Unfortunately the rain I had predicted for the coming weekend April 28 and 29 will be a non event and we will now have to wait until near mid May or perhaps on Mothers Day (May 13) to get significant much needed rainfall.

Continued dry and hotter than normal days over most of the inland parts of the nation this last week for the sixth successive week will prevent any significant rainfalls in the immediate future in our region.

The longer term records at Deniliquin show there were hotter Aprils than this current April and these happened in 1867, 1886, 1888 and 1904. A temperature of 39 degrees on Wednesday April 11 was the highest April reading since 1886 and the third highest since the 41.7 in April 1875 .

There was a welcome break in May after all these episodes in our area.