Working Dogs

Not good workers, but top company

By Rodney Woods

How did they get their names?

Pal is named after my pop’s Lab, which was called Pal. Rosie was a name my daughter (Lily) really liked.

What are their personalities like?

Rosie is very playful, she’s still a pup. Pal is a docile dog. He runs twice a day — to round up the cows in the morning and to round up the cows at night. The rest of the time he sleeps.

How do they respond to commands?

I give them plenty of commands and they respond to none. Pal understands ‘‘good boy, good boy’’ but he doesn’t know what he’s done. All he knows is it’s good.

Do they have any unusual habits?

Pal is a good electric fence tester. You can hear him from one end of the property to the other howling.

Have they ever got into trouble?

Rosie, when she was 12 months old got into a habit of running to the neighbours. The (former) neighbour didn’t see the funny side and called the ranger. We had to chain her up until she learnt not to.

Where do they sleep?

They sleep wherever they want, wherever they lay down.

What do they have to eat?

They get a bit of Chum (dog food) and pellets. We don’t have a scrap bin. All our scraps go to the dogs.

How do they get on with other animals?

They are fantastic. They both have a best mate — Thomas the cat. They all drink from the same bowl.

What would you do without them?

It would be pretty boring. It’s a small farm and the only company during the day is the two dogs. It would be pretty quiet without them.