Working Dogs

Jax happy among the plants

By Rodney Woods

What’s his personality like?

Scott: He’s the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. He’s a very easy-going dog. He loves to play and is infatuated with anything that moves. He loves playing fetch with sticks and balls but he’s not very good at bringing them back. He thinks it’s a game to keep it until we give up and then he drops it.

What’s his favourite thing to play with?

He has a lot of soft plush toys. He’ll keep on getting one after the other until we’ll throw it. In the nursery it’s normally a stick or poly pipe and he will encourage one of the staff to play with him.

Does Jax have any odd habits?

He has a trait ... what we call a psycho run. He gets excited and will run four or five laps of the nursery. He does it at home too. We don’t have to walk him much. He uses much of his energy at the nursery.

How does he get on with other dogs who visit?

He thinks every other dog is friendly — but he will learn over time.

What is he like with all the plants around?

He’s good with the plants. He’s never tried to dig them up or chew them.

Is Jax trained, and what command does he listen to best?

He went to puppy school and obedience training so he knows the basics — sit, stay and fetch. Fetch he’s best at. He’s no good at any of the others. He’s a lovely natured dog but he’s no rocket scientist.

What’s his favourite mode of transport?

He often sits in the nursery cart, like a motorised buggy, and he travels with staff in that.

How much time do you spend with him?

He hangs around people. He’s a real people person and will follow Jodie or myself and he’s normally one step behind us. He doesn’t leave our sides from day to night. He sleeps beside our bed on his own bed.