Working Dogs

Doggie date was a real doozy

By Sophie Baldwin

Tell me a little bit about why you have boxers, Jade?

I think I got my first one when I was in primary school. I love their nature. They are great family dogs and great with the kids. They might not be so great as working farm dogs, but they follow the kids everywhere, whether they are riding horses, riding motorbikes or on the gator. In fact they both love a ride around the farm on the gator.

Ollie: The dogs love following us around when we ride the motorbikes around the farm — we love our dogs.

You have two boxers?

Jade: Yes, Annie is 4 and Daisy is 9. The other one running around is my mum’s; we are looking after it while Mum is on holiday.

Where did you get your two from?

We bought Annie from a dairy farmer in Tongala and we were given Daisy from another farmer. She might not have cost us anything, but she now has $6000 legs after two total knee reconstructions — you can’t say we don’t love our dogs around here.

So tell me a little bit about Annie as a mum?

She’s a beautiful dog and a great mum. We had to drag her away from the puppies in the first three weeks because she just wanted to stay with them all the time. The dad is a great dog from Barham and there was a rather awkward conversation when I approached his owner to see if he could be the dad. Our local vet recommended the boxer dad and he comes from a lovely home too.

This is Annie’s last litter of pups. She has been fixed up now so we are just looking for the forever homes for the pups we have left.

How did the canine courtship go, Chris?

Well, Annie and her boyfriend went missing for one-and-a-half days. Everyone knew they were missing except Jade, until the kids accidently told her and she hit the roof. I searched every waterway between Patho and Torrumbarry to find them.

I got a flat tyre, I encountered snakes and goannas and saw every bit of nature along the way. When I did find them, they had set up a lovely little campsite for their love rendezvous beside a big branch on a shallow part of the water’s edge and it was all very romantic.