Working Dogs

Laid back Sanka is cool with people and animals

By Rodney Woods

What does a Bunbartha cidery, a Labrador and the movie Cool Runnings have in common?

Lisa Morey, who is the cider maker at Cheeky Grog Co, takes her eight-year-old dog Sanka, named after the character in the 1993 movie, to work every day.

Sanka loves to chase birds and fetch anything you throw at him, but does have one very strange habit when it comes to bed time.

What is Sanka's personality like?

He's very laid back. He'll fetch anything. Anything you throw at him he'll bring back and he absolutely loves people.

Why do you bring your dog to work?

It started when I didn't have a backyard. I'm very spoilt to bring him. He doesn't venture anywhere but here (out the front of the cidery) and the orchard. He loves it.

How does he get on with other dogs or animals?

He loves cats. I've got two (cats) at home. They go everywhere together. He loves horses, he loves dogs. Anything he can be friends with he will.

Has he had any injuries or been involved in any accidents before?

He did eat Glad Wrap once and cost me a lot in surgery and he's fallen off the ute when he was a puppy.

Does Sanka have any unusual habits?

He steals my shoes — not to chew them up, but to sleep with. I can't leave my shoes on the ground.

What is one of his roles at the cidery?

He chases the birds — it's part of his job here to chase the birds out of the orchard.

What would you do without him?

I can't comprehend it. It would be the weirdest thing. It wouldn't be the same having another dog.