Working Dogs

Hard workers make the job easy

By Rodney Woods

Dick Waugh has his hands full with his four dogs, who help him on his Seymour farm as well as when he does some contract mustering. Tuma, Bolt, Boris and Murray have been by Dick's side since they were pups and are friendly and hard working canines.

What breeds are they?

Murray's a kelpie, Boris is a huntaway/kelpie-cross and Tuma and Bolt are New Zealand heading dogs.

How did they get their names?

Boris is named after former Geelong footballer Corey Enright as I got him at the same time Corey Enright retired, Bolt is Bolt because he runs all the time.

I did some work in New Zealand and a bloke I worked with over there called me ‘boy'. I thought I couldn't call Tuma ‘boy’ so I decided to go with Tuma, which is ‘boy’ in Maori and Murray's just a Murray.

Who is the better paddock or yard dogs?

Bolt and Boris are paddock dogs, Murray and Tuma are better in the yard. Bolt is just one of those dogs. He just loves life. He's an exceptional dog. I can leave him with a flock of sheep and he will bring them back.

Do they get jealous?

They only get jealous when they think they are going to miss out on a pat.

Do they like the motorbike or any other vehicles?

They love the motorbike. If I go inside for lunch, they will sleep on the bike. They associate the dog box on the back of the ute with work.

What would you do without them?

I'd have to sell all the sheep because I wouldn't be able to work them.