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Fastest whippet in town

By Country News

On a hobby farm in Kialla lives the fastest whippet in all of Shepparton — they call him Pym.

Pym is a unique name, how did he get it?

When I was young my parents bought me a very good horse called Pym. I waited a long time for another animal to come along that I could give that name-to — I think it really suits this dog.How old is he?

He is five, and I’ve had him since he was six months old.

How did you end up with him?

I’d always had poodles or Jack Russells but when they passed away I thought rather than have another little fluffy dog I’d save a retired greyhound. A friend of mine rang and said, ‘‘Instead of saving a greyhound, would you save a whippet?’’

He was the last of a litter and was probably going to be put down because no-one wanted him because he was brindle — I actually prefer the brindle coat colour. 

How is he with other animals?

He is great, he never chases the horses and he gets along well with border collie Harvey, who also lives here. Harvey is actually the neighbour’s dog, who moved to the other side of the river about five years ago. He would come visit us each day and it got to the point where he never left, but he does go to see his other family when he can hear the children — he loves them.

Is Pym a fast runner?

Pym is the fastest whippet in Shepparton that we know of and he has also raced a variety of breeds down the laneway here for fun. Someone will hold the dogs at the top of the lane and then they race — there is nothing to beat him at this point.

People keep saying to me that their dog would beat Pym, but we’ve even had handicap races where he gives the other dogs a head start — he still wins.

What are Pym’s farm duties?

Pym is really a horse dog, he helps me teach people to ride. He is an entertainer. Sometimes a family will bring their children for a riding lesson, but there is only one rider in the family and the other child will sit patiently while Pym keeps them company. After the lesson he will go over the show jumps.

How high can he jump?

He can clear about 2m — he’s done dog high jump competitions in the past.

Words; Rhiannon Gavalakis

Pictures: Holly Curtis