Country News

Hot weather on the way

By Alana Christensen

Northern Victoria is bracing for a scorching few days, with temperatures set to climb above 40oC over the weekend and into next week.

Bureau of Meterology senior meterologist Tom Delamotte said there is a slight chance of a thunderstorm and rain in the east of the region, but temperatures are expected to remain high heading into the start of the week.

Temperatures will hit the high 30s tomorrow (Friday) before climbing to the 42oC by Saturday.

"It's going to be a very hot day for the north west of the state (on Saturday) and extending all the way to the north east along the Murray. We'll see peak temperatures probably around about 42oC
or 43oC or Saturday through those areas," Mr Delamotte said.

"A southerly change does push through those parts as we move later into Saturday so we do get a little bit of relief overnight into Sunday with minimum temperatures dropping below 20oC right across Victoria overnight."