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VIDEO: Farmer’s water plea

By Alana Christensen

NSW Murray farmers are pleading with water authorities to give them a water allocation, with the lack of water costing farmers "a small fortune".

Speak Up Campaign deputy chair Lachlan Marshall has released a video detailing how the the allocation has affected his Blighty dairy farm, saying farmers across the region are being forced to make tough decisions.

“We have to get something, regardless of how small. Those with rice crops are being forced to buy water at more than $500 Ml or let the crops die," he said.

“In my family’s situation we have a dairy farm and it’s costing a small fortune to buy water so we can grow forage crops for the cows.

“We don’t have a choice."

The Marshall milk 900 cows three times a day on their Blighty farm and produce about 12 million litres of milk a year.