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Tongala to get $12 million rendering plant

By Rodney Woods

Tongala's HW Greenham & Sons is set to expand operations with a $12 million rendering plant granted construction approved by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority.

The rendering plant will process about 110,000 kilograms of raw material a day converting by-product from animal processing into tallow and meat-meal.

EPA has granted the approval for the works with strict odour, noise, storm-water protection controls and reporting conditions.

The plant is expected to generate 60,000 litres of wastewater a day which will be treated at the business' existing wastewater treatment plant prior to discharge to Goulburn Valley Water Treatment Plant, under a trade waste agreement.

Four new jobs are expected to be created by the development.

The high temperature plant will have lower wastewater concentrations and emissions than a conventional low temperature plant.

EPA assessed the application for the site and considered the matters raised by the one public submission on the proposal.

The rendering plant also requires a planning permit from Campaspe Shire Council before HW Greenham & Sons can begin construction.