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ACCC implements quad bike safety standards

By Country News

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is implementing new quad bike safety standards announced by the Federal Government in October.

The new safety standards are in response to continuing deaths from quad bike use.

The ACCC said it encouraged farmers, manufacturers and retailers to implement the standards immediately to ensure their safety.

A draft mandatory standard was released by the ACCC in April this year.

The final report recommended the adoption of a mandatory safety standard for all new quad bikes sold in Australia.

There are three elements to the new safety standard:

● Improved information for potential purchasers.

● Enhanced quad bike stability.

● Rollover protection to reduce injuries and deaths.

Within 12 months, all new quad bikes will need to have information affixed to them about the degree of slope at which they will start to overturn.

New general use quad bikes will need to conform to minimum standards for stability on slopes within 24 months.

These quad bikes will need an operator protection device to reduce rollover injuries.

More information on the quad bike safety standard is available at: