Government mismanagement caused bushfires

By Country News

I guess now is not the the time to go finger pointing.

However, there will be thousands of people who I suspect will share my view.

Climate change needs to be addressed, but I do not for one minute believe that the cause of these fires was due to climate change.

Instead they were due much more to government mismanagement.

Primarily, cattle not being allowed to graze on Crown land like the high country for instance, and the Barmah Forest, where grazing was the norm for probably 200 years or more.

Then came the Greens, "oh, the cattle disturb the landscape, they might make a dent in the ground or they might run over a frog".

Also the great mismanagement of the clearing of forest floors and roadside debris, which just adds fuel to the fires.

Just look now at the loss of thousands of wildlife and homes, and more tragically the loss of human life.

I had the pleasure of meeting (Federal Member for Nicholls) Damian Drum some 12 or 18 months ago, at a function.

He is a very nice man.

But I say to you Mr Drum, convince your government that the above mentioned matters must be addressed — let the cattle roam free again, keep the forest floors and roadside clean and do not bow to the Greens.

There will always be bushfires, but not this severe if the countryside is managed properly.

Lib Tenace