Bendigo to host grains research update

By Rodney Woods

Bendigo will host a two-day event run by the Grains Research and Development Corporation to allow agronomists, consultants, researchers and growers to see and discuss new and relevant information with their peers.

The GRDC Grains Research Update, to be held on February 25 and 26, will cover topics such as capitalising on barley market opportunities, understanding pre-emergent herbicide availability, selectivity and persistence and how we can use this knowledge to predict behaviour of new herbicides, hitting production targets in the United Kingdom in a highly regulated environment, and food and diet trends affecting the grains industry.

Speakers include Mary Raynes, from the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre; Sara Grafenauer, from the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council; and James Hunt, from La Trobe University.

The research update will be held on Tuesday, February 25 and Wednesday, February 26 at the Ulumbarra Theatre, 10 Gaol Rd, Bendigo.

Day one starts at 8.55 am and finishes at 5.30 pm, while day two starts at 8.15 am and finishes at 3 pm.

The cost is $200 for both days or $130 for either one of the two days. For students, the cost is $75 for one day and $120 for both.

To register, visit: