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No price rise for homebrand milk, says Coles

By Alana Christensen

Coles has announced it will continue to sell $1 a litre milk, despite Woolworths yesterday announcing it would raise the price of its homebrand milk by 10 cents a litre.

In a statement Coles said it does not want to disadvantage customers and will instead continue to encourage donations at the checkout to support farmers.

The announcement has angered Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud who called on consumers to boycott the supermarket chain.

“Publicity stunts like asking shoppers to donate at the counter to help struggling farmers are just a smokescreen to hide the fact they pay bugger all for milk,” Mr Littleproud said.

“The farmers wouldn’t need donations from the public if Coles and Aldi paid fair prices. Publicity stunts won’t change that...Act like a decent corporate citizen instead of just pretending to."

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