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Blue-green algae detected in Rochester Irrigation Area

By Alana Christensen

Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW) is warning customers and the public to avoid direct contact with channel water in Rochester Irrigation Area and Central Goulburn Irrigation Area channels 7, 8 and 9 after monitoring detected high levels of blue‑green algae.

The news comes after blue-green algae was detected in Lake Eppalock, the Loddon Valley Irrigation Area and West Loddon Water District last week.

Blue-green algae occurs naturally in waterbodies but contains toxins that are harmful to humans and animals. Signs of algae contact include skin rashes or itchiness; sore eyes, ears and nose, or nausea and vomiting if swallowed.

G-MW is continuing to monitor the situation and current blue-green algae warnings can be found at: or calling the G-MW blue-green algae hotline on 03 5826 3785.