Pasture low-down at update

By Country News

After a break of several years, the new mid-Goulburn brand of the Grassland Society of Southern Australia has returned to the region and will host its first event at Euroa next month.

The pasture update will give local landholders an insight into the use of fertiliser and lime.

Held at the Euroa Memorial Oval on Friday, April 12, the event will focus on the facts and fiction of fertiliser and lime and is part of a series run by the Grassland Society on behalf of Meat and Livestock Australia.

New president Ron Harris encouraged local landholders, farmers and agribusiness consultants to join the branch.

Grassland Society members receive a discount to attend events, can attend the annual conference and receive regular updates and newsletters.

‘‘If you’re a member, you can help to determine what events we run to make sure they are relevant to local producers,’’ Mr Harris said.

Agricultural consultant Lisa Warn will speak about assessing soils and plants to identify needs at the event, while Agriculture Victoria’s Cameron Gourley will discuss national standards to deliver better fertiliser advice.

Meridian Ag’s Jim Shovelton will provide a lowdown on lime, and Cam Nicholson from Nicon Rural Services will outline the impact of alternative fertilisers and products.

There will also be an update on the MLA’s latest research and details of local trials available at the event.

Mr Harris said fertiliser, lime and other inputs were a significant cost to most properties.

‘‘The cheapest form of feed is home-grown feed so we’re trying to help farmers to optimise the amount of feed they grow by looking at a range of fertilisers and how they can be best used,’’ he said.

‘‘It will provide good scientific information which will help farmers to decide what they should do.

‘‘Our speakers are not only experts in their field, three of them are also farmers so they can talk about what they’ve put into practice.

‘‘The pasture update will help people to make better decisions about where to invest to optimise soil health, pasture and animal production.’’

■The pasture update will cost $20 for GSSA and MLA members, $10 for GSSA student members, $50 for non-members and includes morning tea and lunch.

To attend the event RSVP by Wednesday, April 10 to GSSA secretary Melinda Caspersz on 1300 137 550 or email: office@grasslands.org.au