Protein lactoferrin creates buzz in market

By Country News

Freedom Foods has taken a key step towards commissioning lactoferrin at its new Shepparton nutritionals plant.

The company expects to begin producing lactoferrin before the end of the year, with an initial annual capacity of 16tonnes.

Strong market interest has already been shown in lactoferrin according to the company, which expects to begin selling the product in the coming months.

Lactoferrin is a protein found in cow’s milk and human milk and plays a key role in the function of the immune system, which helps safeguard the body against bacterial, fungal, viral and other pathogens.

Other benefits include promoting beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and regulating iron metabolism.

The progress comes after the company began producing micellar casein at the plant in February and recently began producing native whey protein isolate.

Freedom Foods said the company had received strong inquiry from domestic and export markets for the product and expected production to reach full capacity in the next financial year.