Shots praised

By Country News

A technical services veterinarian from the United States visited Numurkah last week to speak about cattle multi-mineral injection Multimin.

Dan Tracy addressed a small group of farmers at MG Trading on June 18, and spoke about the research on the product that has been done in his home country.

‘‘I’m here to inform and highlight the research that has been done in the US concerning Multimin and highlight, by using it, Multimin has the ability to uphold the immune system, help improve vaccine response and is an aid to help prevent disease in cattle,’’ he said.

Dr Tracy said he’d discovered that northern Victoria dairy farmers were dealing with the same issues as those in the US.

‘‘Making that conversion for the milk price, it seems like dairy producers are challenged as they are in the United States as far as trying to make money,’’ he said.

Dr Tracy said using trace minerals would benefit cattle nutrition.

‘‘Our research has found that trace mineral injections can result in improved reproductive efficiency and reduced diseases in cows and calves,’’ he said.

‘‘Fertility and immunity problems can be corrected with mineral injections.’’