Orchard walk talks quality

By Country News

An upcoming orchard walk will look at achieving optimum quality more consistently using examples from some of the most advanced orchard systems worldwide.

The impact of this season’s growing practices on quality, orchard management techniques and post-harvest quality, and climatic challenges for achieving quality and risk mitigation strategies will be discussed at the orchard walk.

Hosted at Ardmona’s Plunkett Orchards, the event will also allow attendees to see two new harvesting platforms, Puma and Frumaco, in action.

The autumn walks will be focusing on harvest, including how the quality of the fruit reflects the season’s growing practices, how orchard management influences the quality seen post-harvest and climatic impacts on quality.

The event will be hosted by T&G Global horticulture and grower relations director Rick Derrey and AgFirst’s Steve Spark.

Mr Derrey is based in Washington State, in the United States, where he leads the North American program which includes Jazz, Envy and Pacific Rose brands.

A highly experienced apple grower, he will discuss the importance and practice of implementing club quality programs and how this contributes to better quality for the consumer.

Mr Spark will present on climatic factors and the effect on apple quality, with an emphasis on harvest and post-harvest.

■The orchard walk will be held on Monday, April 1 from 9am to 12.30pm at Plunkett Orchards, Starritt Rd, Ardmona.