Dry spell bites

By Country News

About 1000 cattle were yarded in the monthly sale at Euroa Saleyards on Wednesday, August 1.

Numbers were similar to the sale last month, with ongoing dry conditions drawing more and more cattle right up until the day of sale.

Elders stock agent Joe Allen said the sale was reflective of the recent rainfall and sentiment of producers leading into spring.

‘‘The sale was, as a whole, cheaper,’’ Mr Allen said.

‘‘This was partly quality related, with most of the yarding weighting very light of expectations.

‘‘The best feeder rates still remained either side of $3/kg live weight, however the light steers around the 300kg and under were calculated at $2.80/kg live weight and less, reflective of weight and condition.

‘‘The lead pens of heifers 300kg to 360kg found a rate in and around $2.50 and, apart from a few sales back to breeders, the cents per kilogram dropped away as the cattle got lighter.’’

The next cattle sale will be held on Wednesday, September 5 from noon.

Sale results


J & D Ryan (6)$1110

WJ Newton (40)$890 to $1080

RR Gough (10)$1000

Godolphin (10)$785


R Willis (4)$1000

RR Gough (16)$850


D Ross (18) Hereford first-cross calves$1320

B Ingram (2) Angus$1700