Witherswood dispersal sale

By Rodney Woods

Witherswood Angus has held its final sale, with 51 of the 63 bulls up for auction heading to new homes.

Joan and John Woodruff are retiring from the farming game after 25 years, and despite the tough conditions Mr Woodruff said he and his wife were happy with the sale result.

‘‘It’s a tough scene, the rural scene at the moment, but it won’t always be tough,’’ he said.

‘‘Considering conditions, we were quite happy with the prices and it allows people to get Witherswood bulls and our genetics into their herds at a reasonable price.’’

The sale grossed $225000 with an average of $4450, but it was the first bull sold that topped the charts at $7500.

‘‘This is one of the best results so far in the bull selling season with the seasonal conditions the way they are,’’ Elders Myrtleford livestock representative Stephen Street said.

‘‘A Tasmanian order bought five and there were orders from Wodonga, Mansfield, Wangaratta and Myrtleford, which consumed the majority of the (purchased) bulls.’’

Mr Woodruff explained why Witherswood cattle were so popular.

‘‘We’re known for genetics of type, stock that carry muscle, phenotype’s good, feet are good, they carry bone, they carry a lot of meat across the back and the hind area and they’re a nice quiet temperament.’’

The Woodruffs will sell off their home property and have a clearing sale later in the year.

‘‘We feel we’ve left a contribution of genetics to the industry,’’ Mr Woodruff said.

‘‘The association with so many other Angus breeders is something we’ll miss.

‘‘We’ve enjoyed their company and loved the cattle scene.’’