App data embraced

By Country News

Producer group MerinoLink is embracing the predictive power of the ASKBILL app, with 10 of its members set to lead the way in demonstrating the value of the system to commercial sheep operations.

Developed by the Co-operative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation, provides timely and accurate predictions for sheep wellbeing and productivity using climate, livestock and pasture information.

It complements grazing knowledge with detailed data about pasture and livestock to predict opportunities and threats to individual businesses from weather, pests or disease.

MerinoLink chief executive Jason Letchford said the organisation was excited to have access to 10 ASKBILL accounts from the Sheep CRC as a way of creating a conversation among members about new technologies which can improve farm profitability.

‘‘MerinoLink’s role is to act as a link between research and the operations of commercial sheep breeders,’’ he said.

‘‘The ASKBILL technology demonstration program that we’re embarking on is about enabling our membership and the broader industry to understand the value this tool offers to their businesses.

‘‘We believe it’s a tool that will provide people with more comprehensive information, enabling them to make more perceptive decisions about their flock management.

‘‘This program gives our members an opportunity to evaluate its performance for themselves, in their own real-world operating environments and share their experience with others.’’

■The ASKBILL producer demonstration program will be launched at the MerinoLink conference in Armidale on June 19 and 20.

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