Helping others

By Country News

‘‘Humbled’’ and ‘‘grateful’’ are two words that Avenel’s Citizen of the Year Kate Steers used to describe the award she received as part of Avenel’s 2019 Australia Day awards ceremony.

Mrs Steers was recognised for her work organising the It Just Takes One fundraiser, which started after Mrs Steers read about Bugaldie resident Jess Taylor and her family’s story in the Australian edition of The Guardian last year.

‘‘I saw the story in The Guardian and read about her and her husband and four kids, who run a farm, and she said how dry it is,’’ Ms Steers said in November.

‘‘I got in contact with her on social media and went from there.’’

The Avenel community raised nearly $20000 for the drought-hit community of Bugaldie.

‘‘We are hoping to take a B-double load up to Bugaldie in the next few months,’’ she said.

‘‘I don’t know if I’ll continue to fundraise as hard as I have, but we’ve got lifelong friends up there now.’’

Mrs Steers said she was unaware of the award before the ceremony.

‘‘My husband did say I had to be at the award ceremony but I was not sure why,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m very proud to be the Citizen of the Year.

‘‘I’m so grateful (to) the community. Firstly for the nomination and also for the support to make the fundraiser so successful.’’