Getting ready for autumn

By Rodney Woods

Murray Dairy hosted an Advance your Autumn workshop at Kyabram on Wednesday to break down the current season and look ahead to what can be put in place to prepare for the season coming.

Murray Dairy regional extension officer Lisa Birrell explained the reason for the workshop.

‘‘We’re here today because we know autumn’s just around the corner and people will have to spend money to put something into the ground,’’ she said.

‘‘We’re really here to look at what’s happening internationally and domestically on the (dairy) markets.

‘‘Water wise — how that’s shaping up, even though it’s still very early, but how is this season going to finish up and what is it looking like for next season, and then what are the agronomic options?

‘‘For some people, we know it will be business as usual as they have the water and they’ll just run their regular program.

‘‘For others it’s not business as usual — so what are the options for them?’’

Organic dairy farmer Neil Butler, from Mt Scobie, said having water had made his season much easier than some others had experienced.

‘‘Things have gone well,’’ he said.

‘‘Having water — that’s the main difference. We wouldn’t need this day if everyone had water.’’

For conventional milk supplier Greg Fitzpatrick, of Stanhope, the season has been much tougher.

‘‘High input costs of grain and water have made it particularly tough and it seems there is little relief in sight,’’ he said.

‘‘I’m here today to get a few tips on how to progress in the next few months.’’

Those who attended heard from consultant Brian Crockart, Goulburn-Murray Water’s Andrew Shields, Dairy Australia’s Sofia Omstedt and agronomist Luke Nagle.