Tractor destroyed by fire while sowing

By Country News

A Dhurringile dairy farmer has been left with a hefty replacement bill after his tractor was destroyed by fire on the morning of Sunday, March 17.

CFA was called to the property about 9.24am to find the tractor fully engulfed by flames.

The owner, Michael Sorraghan, said he was sowing the paddock on his property when a fire broke out underneath the tractor’s cabin.

Mr Sorraghan said the CFA was on the scene quickly and the fire was soon brought under control.

‘‘Two tankers attended the scene from Tatura and Toolamba,’’ a CFA spokesperson said.

‘‘The fire was brought under control at 9.39am ... no assets came under threat, however the tractor was fully destroyed.’’

Mr Sorraghan said he was thankful no-one was one hurt during the incident, however he was now left with a large bill to replace the lost machinery.

‘‘It is just never a good time to lose something. I’ll have to order a new one now, which is fine, but I hadn’t really factored it into the budget,’’ he said.

‘‘Hopefully this won’t happen to someone else ... they are very difficult to replace.’’