Climate focus

By Country News

Managing the effects of climate change is likely to be an ongoing priority for Australian farmers, with adaption and resilience being key according to Precision Agriculture.

The group has welcomed a commitment by the Federal Government to boost funding to the Climate Change Fund, but also notes the need for farmers to have access to appropriate tools, technologies and advice for it to be truly valuable.

The Federal Government last month announced $2billion in funding for the Emissions Reduction Fund, now known as the Climate Change Fund.

Precision Agriculture executive chairman Mick Chaseling said they wanted to ensure farmers could access this fund to benefit the environment and their own bottom line.

‘‘We find that farmers are quick to see the potential for precision farming techniques which deliver production and environmental benefits,’’ he said.

‘‘Farmers are, by default, tackling climate change issues, not just because of our connection to the land, but also because optimising the inputs of production aligns with our long-term sustainability goals.

‘‘The need to adapt and manage for climate change will continue and, for its part, PA is keen to continue to work with growers, industry and government to deliver applied research and on-farm services to enable agriculture to beat the climate change challenge.’’