Bluey immortalised

By Country News

The oldest dog to have lived has been immortalised with a mural painted in Rochester.

Bluey, an Australian blue heeler born in 1910, currently holds the world record for the oldest dog at 29 years and five months of age.

Rochester’s Les Hall got Bluey as a puppy in 1910, and the dog worked with cattle and sheep for nearly 20 years before being put to sleep on November 14, 1939.

Mr Hall’s daughter Edna Staley still lives in the town and said it was wonderful to see the mural come to life.

‘‘I am so proud this painting is going up, especially at the pool where I go past every day,’’ Mrs Staley said.

‘‘I’m just absolutely thrilled ... I was only 10 when he died so I remember very little of him except what Mum and Dad used to tell me.

‘‘It meant so much to Dad and I’m just absolutely delighted; the artist has done a very good job.’’

An initiative of the Rochester Business Network, the artwork comes off the back of the town’s mural festival in March and the completion of its silo art last year.

‘‘We are so very excited,’’ Rochester Business Network president Glenda Nichol said.

‘‘Anything that is good for our town we are thrilled to be part of.

‘‘We are already very proud to be part of the silo art trail and this gives our visiting public something else to see whilst in Rochester.

‘‘We are excited and we cannot wait to see Bluey come to life.’’

Echuca artist John Stevens completed the mural at the Rochester Swimming Pool last week.