Call for climate action

By Country News

Thousands of farmers are calling for all sides of politics to commit to meaningful climate action and a national strategy for climate change and agriculture this election.

Farmers for Climate Action chief executive officer Verity Morgan-Schmidt said action was needed now,’’ she said.

‘‘Farmers across the country are battling as climate change makes itself felt through more frequent and severe weather events.

‘‘We just lived through the hottest summer on record, while drought, bushfires and floods have made life increasingly difficult on the land.

‘‘Without action to address climate change and the implementation of a national plan for climate change and agriculture, farmers will struggle to continue to produce the food and fibre on which Australia relies.

‘‘This federal election we are calling on all sides of politics to commit to action on climate change and deliver a plan that includes a co-ordinated approach to climate risk management, mitigation and adaptation, focusing on drought, emissions reductions and water management.’’